Imaginary World

Imaginary worlds full of fish, bugs, flowers, butterflies, houses, and whatever else the viewer sees.

Other Side of the Pond

Other Side of the Pond

 Other Side of the Pond will be at CAL Gallery in September. Come meet the artists Friday, Sept. 5. I’ll be there!

Yabba, Dabba

Yabba, Dabba

I had an idea of lots of trees before drawing. Yabba, Dabba ended up being rocks, like in Bedrock. Go Figure!  Here is 222 Rocky Way with…..a conservatory?

Spirit of Might

Spirit of Might

There are many meanings to the Spirit of Might….the Holy Spirit in the Bible, a blue butterfly, a mighty elephant, and more. You may not see an elephant. Maybe you see a cocoon! Imagine.

Handmade Fine Silver & Ceramic Jewelry


A silver clay demonstration is coming up at the next CAL Gallery meeting on October 4.

View for more information and updates on the upcoming Silver Clay Workshop at my jewelry website.


About Kathryn Marks

I'm a watercolor artist , but my most recent paintings are acrylic and watercolor acrylic collage. I love to paint bright rich colors with dark contrasts © 2019-2020 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved


  1. Thanks Amanda! I sure miss Longview and the artist connection there. I really like your view of what the circles are. I love to read and hear what these paintings mean for the viewer. This is my imagination, my world inside my head.

  2. Hi Kathryn! I love the boldness and whimsy in your foray into new styles. It’s quite different than I would picture you painting, but that’s the beauty of exploring! You find new things to be awesome at! 🙂 I especially like the perfectly-draped garlands in “Other Side of the Pond”. And the circles remind me of translucent bubbles, settling gently onto a landscape. They could be gone in a moment. 🙂 Such fun pictures!

  3. I really do love them. They’re like entering a world that’s partly built for you and part of it still needs building by your imagination. I spot something new every time I look at them. I think you should definitely explore this style further. Looking forward to seeing your work!

  4. I was really curious to see if anyone liked this type of painting that is a new venture for me. Thanks for your comment! Maybe I’m on the right track and can explore the imagination as you do in your art!

  5. Wow, Kathryn. These are absolutely beautiful! So intricate and dainty yet free and full of expression at the same time. Lovely!

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