Chihuahua’s Red Painted Toenails

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Beringer House Arabians is a colorful place to visit. Quinacridone Rose egg cartons full of Burnt Sienna eggs. Cadmium Red Deep painted toenails on an adorable and intelligent Ink Black Chihuahua with a faint White Gouache skunk streak.  A Victorian House with Violet Purple gingerbread trim. Retro metal chairs in Manganese Blue, Cobalt Violet, Bismuth Yellow, Cadmium Orange, and Cerulean Blue relaxing in the sun by the Cowlitz River. A Praying Angel in a Cobalt Blue tiled birdbath overlooking Sap Green and Arylide Yellow lily pads. This is an amazing vision that overwhelms and inspires any artist.

Thank you, Alessa, hostess and owner of Beringer – stables, chickens, eggs, herbs, and natural herbal products(for horse and human), who has an artist eye for her surroundings.  Thanks, Judy, my colorful friend, for the wonderful day.

col·or·ful [ kúllərf’l ]  
       1with bright colors: having bright or varied colors
       2.  interesting: interesting or exciting and sometimes amusing

BERINGER, “Black Beauty”, Herbal Products, 71 West Stock Road, Kelso,WA



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I'm a watercolor artist , but my most recent paintings are acrylic and watercolor acrylic collage. I love to paint bright rich colors with dark contrasts © 2019-2020 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved

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