Man in a Tutu?


 The Renaissance Man? was such an interesting character!

Here are a few steps.

This is a watercolor on 300 lb. paper.

The underpainting is the start. I begin with blocking the face and hands of the man and his doll with contact paper. Yes, I use the contact paper a lot, but for me it is the best result. I wet the paper using a large hake brush and clean water.

I decide on girly colors (it is a man in a dress, after all) brushing and pouring on. The paint set slightly. I can still see a sheen, then throw table salt across the painting. Leaving the salt to absorb the paint, I leave it overnight. Sometimes it works, this time I love the results.

Next, I define my shape by painting around and in. I lightly paint some shadows. I will darken these later. The detail on the ruffles is my start, which takes hours and I’m really ready to  go onto something else.

Sorry, I filled in all the details, but this lesson is on the underpainting. You see I use white gouache sometimes mixed with watercolor paint for the man’s tutu the hat, doll’s skirt and hat, the edge of the wings, and the letters on the bench.



© 2011 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved


About Kathryn Marks

I'm a watercolor artist , but my most recent paintings are acrylic and watercolor acrylic collage. I love to paint bright rich colors with dark contrasts with my inspiration being the beautiful nature of the Northwest. Now I'm surrounded by oak and pine trees in another country called Texas. © 2016-2017 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved


  1. I enjoyed meeting him at the last Renaissance Festival. I’m so glad I didn’t miss that opportunity, as my husband and I were headed to the exit gates. I love his character and am so happy that you think I captured it. Thank you, Cali!

  2. As a person who knows this man personally, I would like to let you know that this is glorious. You have captured this character so perfectly. Beautiful work! – Cali

  3. Marisa M.

    I found your step by step description of your painting more than interesting, very helpful
    on the developing of this work. Thanks for sharing.

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