Tapestry of Fine Work

I love how Hiedi Bauer, Faculty Advisor of the Salal Review, writes about the editors and contributors, “I am satisfied that the continuity of the magazine rests intact. Most important to this continuity is the body beneath the tapestry, and that is you, faithful contributors, intrepid writers, accomplished or aspiring artists, and loyal readers”.

I was very impressed with the demonstrators – mesmerized by Richard Roth’s perfection at  the pottery wheel, Debby Neely’s hands-on relief carving(I carved the dragonfly with strict supervision), Scott McRae’s perfect placement of colors in his abstract paintings, Ron Gaul’s coffee stained canvas, Ray Cooper’s attention to detail in portraiture, and Audrey Hoffman’s exciting display of handmade books(I loved them all).

The award winning author, Kelli Russell Agodon, has a refreshing sense of humor. I’ll never think of a black bra the same way again. Buy her book and read her blog to find out more.  www.agodon.com

Pick up a copy or view online at  http://lowercolumbia.edu/nr/exeres/6542FD11-B421-40C5-9E06-D78238A633C3  and enjoy all the prose,  poetry, and art in The Salal Review.

© 2011 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved

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I'm a watercolor artist , but my most recent paintings are acrylic and watercolor acrylic collage. I love to paint bright rich colors with dark contrasts © 2019-2020 by Kathryn Marks. All rights reserved

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